New Smoked Sea Salts & Pepper Infused Sea Salts

In Love Gourmet Smoked Sea Salts

In Love Gourmet Smoked Sea SaltsDo Your Food a Flavor with our Pepper Infused Sea Salts & Smoked Sea Salts are amazing on meats.  We offer 2 Smoked Sea Salts, a Hickory and an Alderwood. We also have 2 Pepper infused Sea Salts, Chipotle & Ghost Pepper.

Be aware, not all Smoked Sea Salts are created equal.  Ours are slow smoked to perfection, you can taste the love in every bite. Where others we have tried are over smoked which leaves you with bitter salt, NOT GOOD.

Stop in at our In Love Gourmet Holland store 1362 South Point Place, Holland, MI 49423 and sample before you buy.  We have a full sample bar and you can try all of our amazing products that are made by craft-masters, with love and BURSTING with FLAVOR.



















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